Please join us in offering our most sincere condolences to Jo, Bobby and Jayden on the loss of TOESR dog, Annabelle. Annabelle came to us through a local humane society associated with the Asheboro Zoo and while we didn't see too many puppies everyonerealized that Annabelle was special. Jo has written the following words as a memorial, 'Annabelle was a special girl. She was the kindest, sweetest, most loving dog ever! She gave the best cuddles and greetings. She was especially skilled at grabbing the attention of any person passing by, whether they wanted to give it or not and never met a stranger. Thanks for allowing us to love her for almost twelve years!' We thank Jo and her family for giving Annabelle the best of homes and love all these years.


TOESR pays tribute to . Read about 's life in memorials.

TOESR wants your photos and stories of Sheepie Fun to feature on this site. Show us how you and your four-legged friends have fun all year-round!

Send your photos and stories to the webmaster.

Birthday Wishes!

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Happy fifteenth birthday, Arlo! - July 25
Happy ninth birthday, Odie! - July 21
If you would like us to celebrate your dog's birthday, please send us their date of birth and a picture to use. Then check back here during the week of their birthday to see your dog's birthday celebrated here at!


Happy third adoptiversary, Jasmine! - July 25
Happy second adoptiversary, Maggie! - July 16
Happy first adoptiversary, Molly! - July 22
If you would like us to celebrate your dog's adoptiversary, please send us their adoption date and a picture to use. Then check back here during the week of their adoptiversary to see your dog's adoptiversary celebrated here at!
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