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Hope is a 8-year old female Old English Sheepdog who has been through a lot.  As our poster-dog for the 2015 Tarheel Old English Sheepdog Rescue calendar, she embodies the spirit and promise of rescue.  Hope is a special needs OES whose life experiences have taken a toll.   As a result of her being kept in poor and cramped conditions most of her life, Hope is a special needs dog with a history of severe anxiety. Although Hope has been in training rehabilitation since her rescue, she has learned how to be a happy dog and is ready for a special family to give her the love, devotion and time needed to have a normal and healthy life.

When we saved Hope, her hind quarters were under developed, so not only did she need to gain self confidence, but also physical strength to simply go for walks or run around the yard.  Today, Hope is a healthy and happy dog who, with help from both her human and canine trainer, is finding what a joy it is to be a dog: learning how to play, what toys are, what fun car rides can be and most importantly – what trust is.  Hope’s rescue has taken many months of hard work, but is not complete.  She requires regularly prescribed anti-anxiety medication which keeps her happy (and active) while helping her to control her anxiety and fear.  However, just as her name suggests, we believe she has the ability to overcome, and with help from her rehabilitator, she is now ready for adoption.

The adoptive family that will be the best fit for Hope will be both experienced with Old English Sheepdogs, and with rehabilitated, special needs dogs.  The family needs to reside in the central New Jersey area and be within a short driving distance of her trainer who lives in Hightstown, NJ.  The reason for the geographic requirement is that the adoption process for Hope is going to be very gradual, and very long.  Hope has lived through much uncertainty and change, and her trainer (and his canine companion) is the only human she has had a positive, trusting relationship with so far.  Because of her special needs, families with children living in the home cannot be considered.  She will always be required to take her medication and she also will need a home with at least one other, well-adjusted dog and where the owner(s) is either home most of the day, or can afford to have Hope in daily doggy day care with her trainer.   She also will need to be in a family that is physically active and can take her for runs, walks, hikes, regular trips to the dog park, etc.

Hope does great with any and all dogs, being neither dominant nor submissive. She has no experience with cats (or has not been exposed to cats for all we know). She tends to have hints of food or resource guarding that will continue to need worked on, but has the trademark loveable, goofy, OES personality. She loves going to the dog park, running and playing with the other dogs, and walks well on and off leash. She is extremely affectionate and playful, and always is looking for pats from other owners at the dog park.

For more information on Hope, please contact Belinda Lamm at or call (336)499-6788.

If you would like to adopt Hope, please fill out an online Adoption Application.

Pixie - Adopted!

Pixie comes to TOESR as a reluctant owner release. It's quite obvious that Pixie has been well cared for and much loved so we want to make sure her new home can provide that as well. Pixie is a 6 year old, AKC-registered female OES. She's been spayed, heartworm negative and up to date on all shots. Pixie is approximately 75 lbs, good with other dogs after she acclimates to them, can be a bit 'touchy' with young children and not cat tested. She loves riding in a car and plays non-stop when she's used to her canine companions. This girl is SMART. She knows some commands and loves to cuddle.

For more information on Pixie, please contact Belinda Lamm at or call (336)499-6788.

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