There are no males available for adoption at this time.


Maggie - In Rehabilitation, Adoptable Soon

Maggie comes to us after some quick thinking from those who found her abandoned at a condo. When the local animal shelter told her finders that she would be euthanized for lack of space, they immediately searched for a rescue and found us, and of course we stepped in to help. Maggie will spend some time in rehab gaining weight, being treated for a hookworm infection, and eventually being spayed when the vet can do so safely. As such, she is not available for adoption at this time. We will post more about Maggie as we learn more about her.

For more information on Maggie, please contact Belinda Lamm at

Maggie - Adoption Pending

Maggie comes to us as the result of a reluctant owner release who wants to make sure she has a family who can devote more attention and time to spend with her. Maggie is a 7 year old, female sheepdog. She's spayed, up to date on her shots and heartworm negative. Maggie is comfortable around children and while she gets along with other dogs, is the alpha in the room. She loves to ride, is familiar with boarding situations and does well with grooming as well as vet visits. Maggie enjoys lots of exercise so a new family needs to be able to provide some quality outside time.

For more information on Maggie, please contact Belinda Lamm at

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